Let work land in your lap.

Domino helps chill companies search for top freelancers, find your portfolio and send projects directly to your inbox without you lifting a finger.


For us, by us.

We're freelancers, too. We started Domino so freelancer's don't have to beat around the bush looking for their next project. Now we can focus on doing great work, and let clients come to us.

Your work here is done.

Like Google, we automatically display the work from your portfolio, and link straight to your site. Once you're added to Domino, you don't have to lift a finger.

Setup & Sit Back

Want more control on how you appear in search results? Create a profile and you can share your availability, featured work, your rate, endorsements from past clients and more.

Public or Private

Set your profile to "private" and only paid accounts can see your full profile and message you. You'll receive fewer projects, but they'll be of a higher quality.

Sunlight or Moonlight

It doesn't matter if you're freelancing full time or part time. People can see your status so you only receive projects that are a good fit for you and your schedule.


We only display the work of freelancers who've been recommended to Domino, so we keep our collective talent high and competition low.

No spammers, no jerks.

We actively bar spammy recruitment agencies from using Domino & blacklist companies that our members have consistently bad experiences with.

No lowballing

We're interested in doing great work for companies that value it. We keep tabs on the companies that use Domino to ensure the rates they pay are fair. Lowballers can look elsewhere.

Brain Stew

Our community created Spot, a crowdsourced collection of quick, practical guides to help you get up to speed with running your freelance business.

Need help?

We can introduce you to freelance lawyers and accountants to help answer your questions, file your taxes, set you up with a contract, etc. Just ask.


When you join you get access to discounts on services and tools like Croissant and Cushion.

I want in!

Domino is currently invite-only.

Don't fret, just sign up below and we'll get you in as soon as possible!