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Custom Development and Design

I'm a Web Developer and Designer who is eager to better my skills and myself.

I specialize in creating customized, visually stunning websites that you can't wait to show off. I pride myself in my attention to detail and will work with you to create your perfect website.

My proficiencies include HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere.

My hobbies include Reading, Video Games, Cooking and Roleplaying Games.

Designer & Front-End Developer

I create seamless experiences and intuitive interfaces, using a combination of experience, research and hard work.

Freelance Web, UI & Visual Designer

I'm a Freelance Web, UI & Visual Designer from Regensburg. I've worked on several web projects, app prototyping and visual design for a mobile game so far. I'm interested in realizing projects concerning mainly digital applications (web and mobile), but I'm also interested in cool print stuff.

User Interface designer

I'm a freelance UI designer who loves clean and usable interfaces. I work on mobile and web apps

Experienced Developer. Can-do attitude. Excellent communicator. Passion for learning the latest tech.

Personal projects, linked at my portfolio site, demonstrate abilities in AngularJS, PHP, and WordPress. 

I also have extensive experience in building HTML5 digital creatives and banner ads using complex animations.

Front-end Engineer and UX Designer

I'm a front-end engineer with experience in the full stack and a track record of building intuitive, powerful web applications. I move seamlessly between engineering, UX/design, and high level software architecture to deliver solutions that are elegant, scalable, and highly usable. I hope to use my skill set and experience to shift from startups to freelancing.

Full-stack digital producer

I ship products, and I do it quickly

Senior Full-stack developer with strong UX / DevOps / and product experience.

I've been working a lot with Django and docker recently, helping projects and teams evolve to a 12-factor methodology (, and work on getting the dev team into a good place.

Looking to fill my work pipeline with some django, cloud, and docker projects.

A true Drupal expert

Hire me if you want a true Drupal expert.

I have 8 years of full time Drupal development experience. I have led projects for clients such as NBA, Major League Soccer, Waste Management, Stanford University, Olympus, and Smosh.

I wrote the O'Reilly book "Responsive Theming for Drupal" and I'm currently writing "Drupal Deconstructed" which is a detailed explanation of how Drupal works.

I am well known and well respected in the community and I have many contributions to Drupal contrib projects and Drupal core.

Design should Look & Feel good!

How's it hanging! I'm here to make sure what we make looks & feels amazing. Whether it's Art Direction, branding, digital art, an app, just holler, give me a brief and we'll talk about making something amazing!

Also, don't forget to check out the website above! For all of this is just but a teaser :)

Full-stack Web Developer

I provide the best quality in both my coding and customer service. I am not happy until my client is happy. I have been recognised by multiple web design award websites for my works and also have appeared on the Apple hall of fame.

Full Stack Ruby on Rails Engineer

I've 7 years of experience in Ruby on Rails and more than double in computer science. Here's what I can do for you:
- Website, API, back office, script, background job
- System administration, VPS, AWS, dedicated server
- Security, authentication, oauth
- Push notifications, email, sms
- Integration of plugins, social networks and online services
- Data modeling, SQL, NoSQL
- Testing, debugging and code optimization
- Case studies, documentations, advices, specifications
- and much more

Professional and customer-centric, I'd be happy to answer your inquiries.

WordPress Des/Development

I specialize in redesigning outdated or underperforming websites.  I transform them into well-designed, lead generating sales machines that generate prospect interest and build brand loyalty.  Web development is more than just clean code (although my code is so clean you could eat off it).  Web development AND design is an amazing opportunity to make an emotional connection with your audience that, when done right, results in a physical, tangible result (phone call, download, purchase, etc.).  I love what I do and my clients love the results I deliver.

I’m obsessed with Jaws, I love dogs, I like peach bellinis and black roses and I play with knives. And I bake hobnobs. Too many pairs of shoes (apparently). Bit gobby :o)

I'm a freelance WordPress and frontend developer with almost 20yrs of experience. I build ongoing relationships with my clients through hard work, dependability, honesty & good communication.

Crafting web & mobile business apps

I build native iOS apps and handy web products making organisations more productive.

Web Developer

I work on all kinds of projects from both front and backend development through to virtual reality. I have a lot of experience with maps on the web, both 2D and 3D. I specialise in JavaScript and published a book in 2014 titled JavaScript Creativity which explored the cutting edge of the web at the time.

User Experience Designer and Web Developer

I'm a user experience designer and developer based in New York City. When I’m not working with clients, I like to spend time with my wife, play music, and travel. Most recently I started a company called Lightmatter where I led a team of 8 and partnered with companies ranging from small startups to major publishers. Here are a few select organizations I've been fortunate enough to work with: Greatist, Fluent City, Heyday, and Global Citizen.

Senior Software Engineer

Programming for 14 years, highly prefer web backend / frontend architecture / development. Interested in usability. Love Chrome, Mac, and Linux.

I build anything, from 0 -> 100

Looking for full scale projects - most of work I do for clients involves starting from scratch and building something beautiful and long lasting in a matter of weeks.

Social Impact Designer

I'm Bo, a social impact designer. I hope to work on solving social, economic, and political problems through design + technology.

From rethinking civic engagement tools to pass immigration legislation to assessing best practices of reintegration programs for former child soldiers, my background has exposed me to the complexities and challenges within international development, political systems, and nonprofits.

I believe many of the world’s problems are created through bad design. More importantly, I believe in the power of good design – and its potential to incorporate the voices of those who often don’t find their own represented.

I’m passionate about using design to better understand how people think and identify their needs in order to create beneficial, technical solutions that leave the world a little better off than how we found it.

Right now I'm freelance web developer. Have some part-time maintenance upon request projects . Worked with landing pages, business websites, e-commerce. Sometimes in collaboration with other developers.

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