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Senior Developer and Technical Director with over 15 Years Industry Experience

In the past few years I've successfully managed hundreds of projects for well-known brands like Honda, Subaru, National Express, NHS, MG, Isuzu, Lotus and many more. I have a proven record of delivering security-focussed projects which include working through PCI compliance and delivering £million+ e-commerce systems.

Web Developer

I work on all kinds of projects from both front and backend development through to virtual reality. I have a lot of experience with maps on the web, both 2D and 3D. I specialise in JavaScript and published a book in 2014 titled JavaScript Creativity which explored the cutting edge of the web at the time.

Software Engineer - Python / Ruby / PHP - web apps, APIs

I am a Software Engineer and product lead who specialises in building web apps for global companies, organizations and startups. I work remotely with teams to build appropriate, elegant and reliable solutions to complex problems – helping them reach business goals with technology, on-budget, on-time. I'm from Bristol in the UK and am currently travelling in Asia.

I have considerable framework experience cross-language, and over the last few years have been working full-time on a large Django app + microservices for a web archiving company, as well as some other Django and Rails projects, amongst my skills are:

- Frontend development with various templating engines and precompilers such as CoffeeScript and SASS
- Backend development with Django, Symfony and Rails (+ others)
- Database design – expert in various RDBMS (Postgres, MySQL, others)
- Restful API consumption, design, implementation, integration (inc \w DRF)
- Search, job queues, AWS, Git, testing, server orchestration + more

Amongst the technically notable things I've built include an advanced SaaS product for actioning, consuming and managing web archiving content, a tool for diffing web archives on-the-fly, a credit checking service, systems for syncing CardDAV servers, services for syncing JIRA and Zendesk – as well as a variety of payment integrations, ecommerce functionality and organization/user management features within SaaS products.

I also write blog posts and maintain a few projects on GitHub. If you’re interested in hiring me drop me a line, I am currently looking for remote contracts/roles.

Engineer with a passion for the web

I'm a software engineer passionate about the internet and the technologies on which it is built. I develop both browser-side and server-side applications in JavaScript and have plenty of experience with both. So far, I've worked almost exclusively in companies offering SaaS solutions and have plenty of experience with large, distributed systems. Parallel with my full-time job I also run my own consulting business which I'm looking to expand.

Senior Front-end Developer

Damon Casale is a freelance Developer based out of Burbank, CA.  He specializes in AngularJS, Angular 2, and Node.js, with a preference for map-based or real estate projects involving sophisticated use of location-based data.

He has an extensive portfolio that includes both front-end and back-end development, using a build environment that usually includes NPM, Bower, Grunt, Gulp, and/or Karma/Jasmine for unit testing.

Senior Software Engineer

Programming for 14 years, highly prefer web backend / frontend architecture / development. Interested in usability. Love Chrome, Mac, and Linux.

Full-Stack Web Developer

I am a self-taught programmer taking on new challenges all the time.  Currently, I'm working on Drupal support projects, and as a WordPress developer launching a new site every week and a half. I spend some time each week working on individual projects, such as learning node.js, Go, and decoupled Drupal 8.

PM & fullstack JS developer

Managed 100+ projects at, total value $2.4m+, during Aug15-Mar16 as a top 1% senior product manager on the network. 
References available upon request, including from Run The Call (link added to this profile).

Full stack JavaScript engineer - most recently worked for a 300+ person company in the SF Bay Area developing internal tools using a Node, Express, React, PostgreSQL stack. 
The work for this company is under NDA unfortunately.

Open to both software engineering and product / project management gigs. 
In real terms, this means I could develop your app myself, help you define what / how to develop your app, and/or manage an outsourced team to develop your app.

Available up to 20hrs/wk over the short term, remote work on the PST timezone.

CTO of a startup

Andreas is a freelance Developer working in Vienna, Austria.  Andreas specializes in Java, JavaScript, and .NET.

Developing on various platforms for over 17 years

Hi, I'm Luke, a technical founder and software engineer from Sonoma, CA. I'm interested in using the technologies within my skillset and business experience to help move businesses closer to their goals rapidly.

Right now I'm freelance web developer. Have some part-time maintenance upon request projects . Worked with landing pages, business websites, e-commerce. Sometimes in collaboration with other developers.

User Experience Designer and Web Developer

I'm a user experience designer and developer based in New York City. When I’m not working with clients, I like to spend time with my wife, play music, and travel. Most recently I started a company called Lightmatter where I led a team of 8 and partnered with companies ranging from small startups to major publishers. Here are a few select organizations I've been fortunate enough to work with: Greatist, Fluent City, Heyday, and Global Citizen.

Full Stack Web Developer

I've been a full time freelancer since 2010 and have worked on and led projects of all scales for a wide range of clients from small local businesses and budding startups to global names like HP, Universal Music and Mastercard.  I've spent years working with PHP but have shifted towards NodeJS for backend development.

Full-stack digital producer

I ship products, and I do it quickly

Senior Full-stack developer with strong UX / DevOps / and product experience.

I've been working a lot with Django and docker recently, helping projects and teams evolve to a 12-factor methodology (, and work on getting the dev team into a good place.

Looking to fill my work pipeline with some django, cloud, and docker projects.

Front-end Engineer and UX Designer

I'm a front-end engineer with experience in the full stack and a track record of building intuitive, powerful web applications. I move seamlessly between engineering, UX/design, and high level software architecture to deliver solutions that are elegant, scalable, and highly usable. I hope to use my skill set and experience to shift from startups to freelancing.

CTO / Product Advisor

I'm typically a lead or first engineer on a project. I've had both product management and developer roles, so I'm an expert at creating a balance between what to build, and how to built it.

I’m obsessed with Jaws, I love dogs, I like peach bellinis and black roses and I play with knives. And I bake hobnobs. Too many pairs of shoes (apparently). Bit gobby :o)

I'm a freelance WordPress and frontend developer with almost 20yrs of experience. I build ongoing relationships with my clients through hard work, dependability, honesty & good communication.

Domino recommends:

JavaScript/NodeJS & mobile apps for hire

Creative developer with nearly 2 decades of hands on development experience and operational leadership in startups and corporate environments.


New corporate technology integrations
Business technology guidance
New technology development
Research & Development of new business ventures
Development of business requirements
Interface design & development
Interface usability optimisation
REST API design, development and pen testing
NodeJS, JavaScript, CSS, General frontend and API
Electron JS

Code and data

Tendi Muchenje is a freelance Developer working in Asheville, NC.  Tendi specializes in Python, JavaScript, and Data Science.

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