The (Freelancing) Painted Ladiez

The Painted Ladiez are Lia Khayami (AD) and Diana Castillo (CW).
What gets us going: Advertising, Concept Development, Art Direction, Writing, Interactive, Social, Illustration, Digital, Selling Ideas, and Being Loud.

The Painted Ladiez bonded in ad school after tagging glory holes for an HIV awareness campaign. Then it was time to form a creative powerhouse.

They took their weird and sometimes awkward brand of humor on a worldwide tour through San Francisco, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Madrid. After a few months of "seeing other people" they quickly learned it was a mistake. In fact, they're meant for each other (awwww T_T). 

Lia kicks it in Brooklyn pickling vegetables, binging on post-apocalyptic comic books, and drawing snake people.

Diana spends her time creating new dance moves in underground clubs, hoarding Pokémon, and collecting creepy dolls. 

They also enjoy sappy/disturbing psychological indie films, spiking their early-morning coffee with Baileys, breaking the bank on designer toys, and inappropriate [everything] jokes.


Graphic Design — Art Direction — Creative Direction
Guillermo Torres is an independent Art Director & Graphic Designer graduated with a BA at the London College of Communication, originally from Valencia.

Focused on Branding, Web, Editorial and Print Design. Running his own studio and working as a freelance for agencies and clients from London, USA and Spain.

Helin Kotan is a freelance Art Director.  Helin specializes in Beauty, Entertainment, and Fashion.

Creative/Art Director

I want to make products that will change the world. My specialties include conception through execution of activation ideas for established and beginning brands, with an emphasis on branding and identity. I'm interested in product development and new technology as it relates to branded utility.
Two things you should know about me before we work together: I like to invent in my spare time and I want to help people. If interested in doing either of these two things, call me.

Kevin Tenglin is a freelance Copywriter.  Kevin specializes in Automotive, Beer, and Beverage.

Bevan Mahaney is a freelance Copywriter.  Bevan specializes in Beauty, Beer, and Beverage.

Brantley Barefoot is a freelance Art Director.  Brantley specializes in Automotive, Beverage, and Fashion.

Nessim Higson is a freelance Art Director.  Nessim specializes in Entertainment, Fashion, and International.

Ewoudt  Boonstra is a freelance Art Director.  Ewoudt specializes in Beer, Beverage, and Fashion.

Aki Chang is a freelance Art Director.  Aki specializes in Fashion, Luxury, and Non-Profit.

joshua gilman is a freelance Art Director.  joshua specializes in Automotive, Entertainment, and Fashion.

Paul Meany is a freelance Art Director.  Paul specializes in Beauty, Beverage, and Fashion.

Mark Buswell is a freelance Art Director.  Mark specializes in Entertainment, Fashion, and Music.

Michael Kim is a freelance Art Director.  Michael specializes in B2B, Beauty, and Beer.

Aaron Pedersen is a freelance Art Director.  Aaron specializes in B2B, Beverage, and Fashion.

I'm a guy who likes making fun work. If you like fun work, you'll like me.

Chris is an Art Director. He's done work for various agencies around the world, but currently calls Vancouver his home. If you like his work, or you just like to make small talk with Art Directors, you can reach him at, on LinkedIn, or you can just call him at 604.723.0511. 
I like working on anything that has a clear concise brief. When you have one of those, all the great work happens.

Kim Mok is a freelance Copywriter.  Kim specializes in Automotive, B2B, and Beauty.

Paul Fung is a freelance Copywriter.  Paul specializes in Automotive, B2B, and Beverage.

Nancy Strange is a freelance Copywriter.  Nancy specializes in Automotive, Beauty, and Beverage.

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