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Custom Development and Design

I'm a Web Developer and Designer who is eager to better my skills and myself.

I specialize in creating customized, visually stunning websites that you can't wait to show off. I pride myself in my attention to detail and will work with you to create your perfect website.

My proficiencies include HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere.

My hobbies include Reading, Video Games, Cooking and Roleplaying Games.

Your mobile CTO (iOS) for hire

My focus is on helping small businesses bring their iPhone/iPad app idea to life. 

Unlike other consultants or developers, I’m both an experienced product manager and an active developer, so I can ensure a strategy that furthers your business goals and is technically feasible.

Special bonus for project that require someone who is bilingual French/English

Learn more about my work at http://www.mobdesignapps.fr

Full-Stack Web Developer

I am a self-taught programmer taking on new challenges all the time.  Currently, I'm working on Drupal support projects, and as a WordPress developer launching a new site every week and a half. I spend some time each week working on individual projects, such as learning node.js, Go, and decoupled Drupal 8.

iOS Developer with over 80 apps and 7+ years of experience

I'm currently working on several macOS apps - some for writers/authors and the others for developers or to boost personal productivity. I enjoy working on tools that I personally want to use since I don't see the point in developing just for the sake of doing some development work. But if an app fills a need and I can personally benefit from it, I'm all of doing the necessary work on such an app :)

Crafting web & mobile business apps

I build native iOS apps and handy web products making organisations more productive.

I’m obsessed with Jaws, I love dogs, I like peach bellinis and black roses and I play with knives. And I bake hobnobs. Too many pairs of shoes (apparently). Bit gobby :o)

I'm a freelance WordPress and frontend developer with almost 20yrs of experience. I build ongoing relationships with my clients through hard work, dependability, honesty & good communication.

Android developer passionate about great products

I'm a developer passionate about building great products. After failing at my own startup, and working as a CTO for another startup, I'm focusing on building Android apps.

Technology Director

Interested in all things digital and interactive.  I love the feeling of learning something new and making something from nothing.  Started in web development and continue today, but recently acquired a love for physical projects (interactive installations, kiosks, trade show booths, etc).  Anything different and challenging that forces me to learn something new!

Senior Front-end Developer

Damon Casale is a freelance Developer based out of Burbank, CA.  He specializes in AngularJS, Angular 2, and Node.js, with a preference for map-based or real estate projects involving sophisticated use of location-based data.

He has an extensive portfolio that includes both front-end and back-end development, using a build environment that usually includes NPM, Bower, Grunt, Gulp, and/or Karma/Jasmine for unit testing.

Front-end Engineer and UX Designer

I'm a front-end engineer with experience in the full stack and a track record of building intuitive, powerful web applications. I move seamlessly between engineering, UX/design, and high level software architecture to deliver solutions that are elegant, scalable, and highly usable. I hope to use my skill set and experience to shift from startups to freelancing.

Senior Software Engineer

Programming for 14 years, highly prefer web backend / frontend architecture / development. Interested in usability. Love Chrome, Mac, and Linux.

Full Stack Web Developer

I've been a full time freelancer since 2010 and have worked on and led projects of all scales for a wide range of clients from small local businesses and budding startups to global names like HP, Universal Music and Mastercard.  I've spent years working with PHP but have shifted towards NodeJS for backend development.

Full-stack Web Developer

I provide the best quality in both my coding and customer service. I am not happy until my client is happy. I have been recognised by multiple web design award websites for my works and also have appeared on the Apple hall of fame.

Front-end Web Developer

I am a freelance web developer currently based in Prague, but I am travelling so only taking on remote roles. 

I am very familiar with front-end technologies, HTML/CSS, Javascript, with experience with Angular React, and React Native. I also am familiar with WordPress, but only custom themes. None of this using someone else's and throwing in content.

I also have a Native iOS app background, having built an app for Diabetes UK that toured around the country and an app for Bono's charity One, that captured signatures during the U2 world tour.

Full Stack Developer

Esteban is a full-stack developer with a passion for well-crafted products. He is from Buenos Aires and is currently living in Berlin, after 3 years in vibrant New York City.
Esteban has been creating web applications for more than 8 years and has learned to manage the whole stack of a web application. He has long experience with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript and has recently been immersing in Elixir and Elm.

Experienced iOS developer with a proven track record helping clients deliver exceptional software

With five years experience and 20+ apps launched on the App Store, I have a proven track record helping companies build exceptional software. I can help you design, build, test, and deploy your app. I take pride in the quality of my work and I build strong, lasting relationships with my clients. 

If you think I might be a good fit for your next iOS project, get in touch!

Engineer with a passion for the web

I'm a software engineer passionate about the internet and the technologies on which it is built. I develop both browser-side and server-side applications in JavaScript and have plenty of experience with both. So far, I've worked almost exclusively in companies offering SaaS solutions and have plenty of experience with large, distributed systems. Parallel with my full-time job I also run my own consulting business which I'm looking to expand.

PM & fullstack JS developer

Managed 100+ projects at Gigster.com, total value $2.4m+, during Aug15-Mar16 as a top 1% senior product manager on the network. 
References available upon request, including from Run The Call (link added to this profile).

Full stack JavaScript engineer - most recently worked for a 300+ person company in the SF Bay Area developing internal tools using a Node, Express, React, PostgreSQL stack. 
The work for this company is under NDA unfortunately.

Open to both software engineering and product / project management gigs. 
In real terms, this means I could develop your app myself, help you define what / how to develop your app, and/or manage an outsourced team to develop your app.

Available up to 20hrs/wk over the short term, remote work on the PST timezone.

a heart-core snowboarder and an avid hacker

My name is Furkan, a maker/developer/entrepreneur who is currently breathing in Istanbul. I have graduated from Bilkent University with a major in Computer Science at 2009. While studying, I was amazed by the iPhone and immediately started working on it with the first release of the SDK and never looked back.

I've worked at Tribal Worldwide Istanbul as a senior developer for ~1.5 years and co-founded a company (Studio Nord) which was focusing on mobile applications. I've worked there as the Technical Partner/Lead iOS Developer for 3 years and switched to being an indie developer. In that 7 years, I've had the chance to work with several startups/companies and digital agencies including Fortune 500 companies and Y combinator startups.

Lately, I've teamed up with my brother who is an experienced stack developer under the name of epcsht (epcsht.com) and started building iOS applications with scalable backend APIs.

Nerd Notes: On iOS, we are using Swift and following the MVVM pattern. On the backend we are using MEAN Stack, Redis and Docker but also using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery whenever needed. If the product is on the MVP stage, we can also help with the DevOps stuff, in the previous projects we mostly built and managed the servers in the first stages of the products.

Indie macOS & iOS developer.

I'm a US-based indie developer with 25+ years Mac experience and 8+ years iOS experience, and several shipped apps.  Take a look at my site to learn more about me and see my apps.  If you think I can help, please get in touch.

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