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Android developer passionate about great products

I'm a developer passionate about building great products. After failing at my own startup, and working as a CTO for another startup, I'm focusing on building Android apps.

Android developer

Passionate about new technologies and the continuing search for innovation. More than 10 years working in different software factories and lead software development projects for clients in Uruguay, Spain, United States and Germany.
Great experience in developing Mobile Android and iOS apps, Java/J2EE applications and web applications.
Strong project management skills and task coordination. Experience working with Agile software development methodologies(SCRUM, Lean).
Always looking for new challenges

Rockstar Android Developer

I started out in Web Development in 2010, was a freelancer for awhile, then got a job at a company in Boulder, CO called Markit On Demand.

I left Markit in November 2013, and decided to go freelance Android, starting in January 2014.

Since that time I've worked on nearly 20 apps for clients including Bleacher Report, Florida Hospital, The HCI Group, and Origins.

I specialize in using the latest Android technology to achieve the maximum user experience, including Material Design, Activity transitions, Social integrations, and location awareness.

I build anything, from 0 -> 100

Looking for full scale projects - most of work I do for clients involves starting from scratch and building something beautiful and long lasting in a matter of weeks.

Bonafero is a boutique software design & development agency. We specialize in taking products from the purely conceptual stage, to release and maintenance in a competitive timeline.

We were founded in 2016 on the idea that there’s value in building phenomenal software that goes beyond simply delivering the product.

Crafting web & mobile business apps

I build native iOS apps and handy web products making organisations more productive.

High quality native Android & iOS

Lukasz Piliszczuk is a freelance Developer working in Montréal & Paris.

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Senior Mobile Developer/Advisor

I am able to develop new products for tech startups, maintain existing apps or add new features to mobile applications either directly for clients, or for agencies for their clients. Consultation on designing and building any of the above is also available. Based in Berkshire, UK, work can easily be done for clients across the world thanks to the wonders of the internet, and collaboration tools such as Slack, Hangouts, and Skype.

I write native mobile apps for iOS and Android, and build APIs. My specialism is the iOS and Apple ecosystem though I have many years of experience with Java, Rails, and backends.