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Art Directors

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Interactive Art Director & Designer

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, I have worked in the advertising industry, both agency and client-side, for more than 10 years. I specialize in creating engaging interactive experiences, digital activations and elegant responsive solutions for leading brands and innovative tech companies.I am always open to discussing any freelance opportunities that might be a good fit so please feel free to drop me a line and say hello.

Art Direction for Motion and Corporate

I'm a Berlin based freelance art director.
I focus on motion graphics and corporate identity.
At UdK Berlin, I teach as a lecturer.

The (Freelancing) Painted Ladiez

The Painted Ladiez are Lia Khayami (AD) and Diana Castillo (CW).
What gets us going: Advertising, Concept Development, Art Direction, Writing, Interactive, Social, Illustration, Digital, Selling Ideas, and Being Loud.

The Painted Ladiez bonded in ad school after tagging glory holes for an HIV awareness campaign. Then it was time to form a creative powerhouse.

They took their weird and sometimes awkward brand of humor on a worldwide tour through San Francisco, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Madrid. After a few months of "seeing other people" they quickly learned it was a mistake. In fact, they're meant for each other (awwww T_T). 

Lia kicks it in Brooklyn pickling vegetables, binging on post-apocalyptic comic books, and drawing snake people.

Diana spends her time creating new dance moves in underground clubs, hoarding Pokémon, and collecting creepy dolls. 

They also enjoy sappy/disturbing psychological indie films, spiking their early-morning coffee with Baileys, breaking the bank on designer toys, and inappropriate [everything] jokes.


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writer / director / enthusiast

I make cool stuff for fun and profit.

Copywriter and Em-Dash Enthusiast

Diana Vilibert is a freelance Copywriter working in New York.  Diana specializes in Lifestyle, Beauty, and B2B.

Creative Director - Copywriter / Miami Ad School Instructor

Nour Da Silva is a freelance Copywriter working in Miami / NY / LA.  Nour specializes in Creative Direction, Storytelling, and Branding.


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Visual / UI / Computational Designer

I'm a Brazilian Visual Designer / Goldsmiths MA Computational Arts / Hyper Island Interactive Art Director currently based in London.

I've been working as a creative, art director and digital designer, having the opportunity to work at global agencies and technology companies such as Google, Wieden+Kennedy, BBH, SapientNitro, R/GA, Razorfish, TBWA/Media Arts Lab, among others.

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, BBC, McDonald's, KFC, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Unilever, Allianz, Emirates, Toyota, Volvo, Red Bull, Diageo, NatWest, RBS, Barclays and Buzzbike are a few of the clients I've worked for.

I am an artist, designer, and former Chicagoan who is currently based in NYC. 

Previously, I was the first designer at Cards Against Humanity, where I had a hand in establishing an internal design culture/process and reworking both the brand and product. More recently, I'm bridging the gap between art, hardware, and the web by leading design of brand (and formerly product) for Electric Objects. 

I've also designed and illustrated for a number of clients — including Vox, GOOD magazine, Intercom, DoorDash, and Medium.

Full-Stack Developers

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Developing on various platforms for over 17 years

Hi, I'm Luke, a technical founder and software engineer from Sonoma, CA. I'm interested in using the technologies within my skillset and business experience to help move businesses closer to their goals rapidly.

Engineer with a passion for the web

I'm a software engineer passionate about the internet and the technologies on which it is built. I develop both browser-side and server-side applications in JavaScript and have plenty of experience with both. So far, I've worked almost exclusively in companies offering SaaS solutions and have plenty of experience with large, distributed systems. Parallel with my full-time job I also run my own consulting business which I'm looking to expand.

Specializing in building native applications and services to back them.


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We are a husband & wife team with complementary talents and a passion for letterforms.

We draw letters and images; we collaborate frequently by critiquing and refining; sometimes we make our own tools if the job requires. But what excites us most about what we do is being able to explore new visual realms with you, whether you are a business owner, art director, or fellow designer.

Dave Chenell is a freelance Illustrator.  Dave specializes in 3D, Art Direction, and Animation.

I'm a graphic designer and illustrator based in the Philippines. I'm also a founding partner at Plus63 Design Co. In 2013, I received the Art Directors Club Young Guns Award in New York.

I'm represented by illustration agencies Agent Pekka, Vision Track and YCN. My style is described as a combination of angular, graphic shapes layered with hand-painted textures. I've worked on projects for brands such as Google, Pinterest, Airbnb, Samsung, WIRED Magazine, Fast Co., Wallpaper*, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Coca-Cola, Havaianas, Heineken, Uniqlo to name a few.

Motion Designers

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Nicolo is a designer, illustrator and animator. He has previously spent the past 4 years as an art director and animator at Buck NY working on a wide range of clients. Nicolo has a soft spot for bold colors, and graphic illustration which definitely shine through in his storytelling style.

An animated gif

I'm Evan Anthony and I like making things. I'm a generalist passionate about design, animation, code, and craft be it for interactive, broadcast, installation, or print. I love experimenting with new materials / techniques and getting lost in the space between digital and physical.
My first animation / code was on a TI-83+graphing calculator. How's that for nerd cred.

Pete Sickbert-Bennett is a freelance Motion Designer.  Pete specializes in Design, Art Direction, and Directing.